International Freight Forwarders

As one of the international freight forwarders, we are good at handling all types of cargo, arranging cargo consolidation, declaring exports and imports, managing inventory, and tracking shipments.

Our business scope extends broader, such as exports, packaging, door to door delivery, as well as a variety of international courier service. In order to provide such efficient service, we have been maintaining good relationships with partners. In addition, our communication and information management system is also a key to the success. The advanced technology system is what we are proud of the most; you can always track the delivery status of goods assigned to us. More specifically, with abundant experiences in logistics and team management, we are capable of getting competitive rates and effectively meeting clients’ needs.

Exports and Imports

Maritime transport

Export and import services cover the world's major ports, route over Asia, Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean region, the Middle East, Europe and Canada region, and ensure on-time delivery. Import and transit transports including container cargo and bulk cargo are mainly from various regions of the world. Shipments will be shipped by inland trucking, river or rail transport from Hong Kong to Mainland China, especially Guangdong Province. Once goods arrive in Hong Kong, we contact importers rapidly in order to reduce the warehouse storage fee as well as avoid the delay payment. We satisfy clients’ needs with our professional and high-efficiency service.

Air transport

Air service plays an important role in the international business nowadays. No matter what shipments you plan to ship, all you need is a reliable and professional air cargo agent to arrange the delivery from producers to destinations on time. Through cooperation with airlines, we are able to provide reasonable air rates to major cities around the world.

We believe that providing high-level and diversified services are the main elements to meet the clients’ needs. Plus, we specialize in exports from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and other major ports in Asia to places around the world, and provide the window person to deal with needs and integrate various transport routes and services, such as warehousing and distribution and brokerage.

Customs Brokerage

Our professional and experienced brokers process the precise cargo clearance through connecting with electronic transmission system. In addition, we also provide a complete Tariffs consulting, including Tariffs analysis and information.

Warehousing and Distribution

Warehousing and distribution is truly common throughout the world, especially in the United States and Europe. In response to the global trend, we offer a better service. That is, our Hong Kong office provides warehousing and distribution to China. We have leased warehouses along China’s coastline to provide logistics services to the locals directly. In addition, we also offer:

Transit via Hong Kong

Establish Hong Kong as the center, expand logistics service network in China’s major cities, and distribute shipments to sub-stations close to the clients. By doing so, we are able to reduce transportation costs as well as shorten delivery time for customers.

Intermodal freight transport

In term of the economic benefits, integrating multiple modes of transportation (sea, air, rail, etc) throughout the delivery process helps customers to get shipments more smoothly and safely.


Systematic processes and management of warehousing operations helps us to monitor shipments during storage, loading and unloading and distribution. Strictly follow principles as well as handling and stacking regulations. Advanced warehousing management system and accurate tracking of inventory and distributions increase operational safety and boost utilization.